About Us – Our Lender Comparison Site

Our site was created with one mission in mind. To help consumers like you compare installment loan lenders. This idea for this site began out of frustration back in 2015. One of our site founders was in need of an installment loan, but she found the process of finding a direct lender was a nightmare in itself. She would google terms like “I need a direct loan” or “online payday loans near me”. But the search engine would shoot out sites that were definitely not direct lenders! Most of the sites that came up were online matching sites or marketing sites that don’t even offer direct loans. Of course these sites may match you with a direct lender, but there were so many popups and dead ends that she never found the loan she was looking for.

This site was born out of that frustration of not being able to find installment loans from actual direct lenders. You’d think it would be easy to find a short term funding service. Find out how our company chooses loan companies. But most sites make it difficult for the average consumer to find a direct lender that funds installment loans. Our founder had an idea to list many of the largest companies that provide direct installment loans. We give site visitors the option to compare the different installment lenders based on individual merits. For example, are you looking for a direct lender installment loan that has a payoff term of 36 months? Or are you in need of high dollar installment loan of over $30,000? Use this site to narrow down and eventually compare the remaining lenders based on their qualifications. Another added bonus is the fact that you can see which lenders in your state offer direct installment loans. That’s a problem more common than most consumers understand. Many direct lenders only fund loans in specific states. We’ve heard many stories of consumers filling out an entire application only to find out that lender isn’t licensed in their state! To enable this comparison option choose your state of residence when you select how much money you’re looking to borrow.

Our longtime goal is to make the process of finding an installment loan as easy as possible. Ideally you can use our comparison tool and be presented with a handful of installment loan lenders that meet your needs. From there you would go to that specific lender’s website, fill out an application and hopefully be approved for the financing you need! Keep in mind, many of these same companies provide funding for car title loans and payday advances. While this type of borrowing tends to have higher interest rates, you can often payoff the total amount borrowed much quicker. Besides our comparison tools we also have blog articles and resources available. These options touch on all aspects of the installment loan industry. Please reach out to us if you have any further questions or comments about our site or direct installment loans in general. We’d also like to hear from you if there’s an installment loan lender you think should be added to the comparison tool. Head on over to our “contact us” page, leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!our