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When an unexpected financial emergency occurs, the only option you may have is an installment loan from a bad credit lender. This type of loan provides a fast and easy way to get money in times of dire need. An installment loan is a quick way of borrowing a short term loan that you will pay later in small installments. As soon as the borrower receives their paycheck they should expect to make an online payment.  The amount you borrow will be paid back over a period of months until you pay off the full amount. This type of payoff is similar to what you see with payday loans and cash advances.  You can adjust your budget to include the periodical payments. There are many direct lender installments loans online lenders.  Most will provide you with a monthly payment schedule that coincides with your payday. They will give you automatic withdrawals and even notify you of the next due date.


Find a bad credit installment loan lender

One of the biggest advantages of direct lender installment loans is the ease of approval. As a borrower, all you need to do is visit the lender’s website and fill their application form with all the required details. find a company that wants to work with you on setting a payoff time If you meet their basic conditions, the full loan amount is immediately transferred to your checking account. The entire process from application, verification and approval is done online within a short time. There is no paperwork involved and you don’t even have to visit the lender’s office.

Most direct lender installment loans online providers are indeed courteous.  They should assist you along the way if you run into a problem during the application process. They will provide you with the most convenient and affordable repayment options. The repayment options can receive an extension according to your schedule.


How to look for low interest rate options with bad credit installment loans

The first thing you need to do is filter out predatory lenders from your list. When you search the term “installment loan” online you will get a good number of lenders.  Each will claim to be the safest, most reliable, and with the best rates. Many are predators seeking to take advantage of your troubles to fleece you. Here is what you can do to avoid predatory lenders. We want to remind you this website hosts a comparison page of installment loan lenders. Use this tool to compare rates, fees and loan terms from many of the largest direct installment lenders in the country.

  • Use the search term “personal loans” rather than “direct installment loans” on your search engine. Personal loans are the same as direct lender installment loans. The problem is that the common finance-related terms see bids from predatory lenders.
  • Stay away from installment loan companies that insist on monthly renewals. Loan renewals are known cash cows for many unscrupulous lenders. With constant loan renewals, you end up paying more interest to the lender. A good lender will not want to drag into more debt. He or she will want to lend you money that you can pay.

Compare bad credit fees for all direct installment loan lenders

Most bad credit direct lenders will tack on origination fees and doc prep fees when you submit an application online. The fee is between 1% and 6% of the total amount borrowed. The APR of the installment loan should include this fee too. There are often companies that try to avoid the interest and payment regulations put in place by your state.  Each state should list fees and amounts that can legally be charged by these direct installment lenders.  Applicants that live in California can see the Lenders law regulations page to determine if their company is following the rules.  Check if the company charges late fees or fees for check payments. It also helps to compare different lenders to find out which one among them all provides the best terms.


An online installment loan is a good option for someone who needs quick cash. There are different types of loans one may opt for. Two of the most popular types are cash advances and payday loans. Are you are considering contacting an online installment loan direct lender to get cash to pay for an emergency? You may wish to note the main differences between these two types of direct loans. It helps to make a proper lending decision. A payday loan is more suitable for you than an online installment loan, or vice versa. So it is important to understand the differences between them. One of the key differences is that direct lender installment loans are going to offer you more cash than payday loans. So if you need a bigger sum of money, it is often better to go for an online installment loan. Such a loan is ideal for long-term cash needs, and people who prefer to pay the lender back in increments generally opt for this type of loan.

The top online installment loans from a direct lender will all have equal monthly payments. check monthly payoff amounts for personal loan companies A borrower will have to pay back to the direct lender every month. These direct loan installments or repayments are set out in a payment schedule before the online loan agreement. Often a smaller principal and an extended maturity is available on installment loans, making it easier to refinance them. If you opt for a longer term financial note you will have more time to refinance the loan. So if you plan to take this slowly and prefer regular repayments, then this is the best option for you. Also, an installment loan will need collateral in most cases. Personal property such as jewelry and cars are often used, but real estate does not apply for direct loans. Another widely used choice is a car title loan where you use the vehicle’s pink slip as collateral. Some states like California and Florida have dozens of title loan companies who give high dollar loans. Other states including Texas and Arizona will require that all online loan companies be licensed to provide funds. Texas will require any online lender be registered and current with the Texas Office of Consumer Credit.

Direct Installment loans can last for months not weeks!

Payday loans are simple and flexible in terms of the payoff time. We often see the little amount of money you’re borrow and the APR is modest. They are definitely the quickest way to get the cash you might need. The amount of money that are lent with cash advance companies are relatively smaller than those from installment loans. The main aim of payday loans is to provide one with the cash he or she might need to cover certain expenses in between paychecks. Much like what you see with mortgage loan companies, a direct lender needs to show specific payoff amounts. Often borrowers are looking for direct online loans. They will opt for a payday loan and repay the sum of money they borrowed. This happens when they get their next wage or salary in the bank checking account. Unlike installment loans, there are often no payment schedules or monthly repayments involved. Payday loans are much simpler and more straightforward.

Another factor with an installment loan versus payday loan is that cash advance borrowers will often have bad credit or past due bills when they take out a loan. If someone applies for personal loan from a bank they would see a denial. The bank would base that on their past credit history or missed loan payments. You can now search for different types of direct loan lenders by using our online APR comparison tool. Both options are simple and more convenient as you can basically apply from the comfort of your own home or office. As a general rule of thumb most lenders will give you a maximum of $1500 through a payday loan. Personal and bank loans can go up to several thousand dollars. Regardless of which one seems best, it is important to check the installment lender’s reputation. Read all the online terms and conditions when you get to the loan application.

Get updates on your APR and payoff amount for a direct installment loan
installment loan versus payday loan

Sometimes you need same-day cash and you can’t afford to wait for a paycheck or other source of income. Your heater may have broken down and you need to pay the repairman.  .Perhaps you don’t have enough money to pay rent.  In situations like this, you risk hurting your credit score if you miss a repayment. Or you want to take up a new business opportunity but don’t have the available cash flow to do so.  There are also times when you just don’t have any money.  We all know it’s hard to get a bank loan or even a line of credit from a finance company.

In all these cases, there are many different financing options available to you.  Any of these lending opportunities can help you to get the cash quickly. Two of the biggest of these options are payday and installment loans. It’s possible to find both payday and installment loans online and both types will give you a rapid cash injection that you can use however you see fit. But both these types of loans also come with a large APR and potential risk. So the question is: how do you go about choosing the right option for you so that you can get the greatest amount of cash at the smallest expense?

Compare Payday Loans vs Installment Loans

The first thing to consider is what the precise difference is between both forms of borrowing. compare the payoff terms each lending choice A payday loan is a loan that gives you money within minutes of filling out a simple online form. Often this will be easy going and even those with bad credit will often be able to find loans willing to lend them the money they need. The downside is that they come with a very high APR – as much as 400%! This is fine if you are paying back the total amount in a couple of weeks, in which case you will only expect to pay around $15. If you take longer, miss your repayment, or borrow more, then you’re looking at a very expensive loan that may not prove to be worth it for you.  Many of these financing differences are small but can add up to large amounts of interest over months and even years!.  This tool allows anyone to compare the top installment loan companies that lend in their state.  There’s also information about the loan amount and individual loan terms for each offer by state.

Direct lender installment loans are like payday loans as a borrower can get money with little paperwork. They have slightly lower APR (typically 50-60% APR) and involve a longer repayment schedule.  Many of these loan terms have many repayment installments agreed upfront. Most larger types of loans will use installments or regular recurring repayments. An ‘installment loan’ is often describing as like a payday loan but with installments. These are both direct loans in as much as you are interacting with the lenders.  There are a few other small differences but most important is that both loans are unsecured.  A borrower does not need to use their house or vehicle as collateral to get one of these loans.

Is a Direct Installment Loan Your Best Option?

So what is the right loan for you? That will depend on your unique circumstances, cash flow, and requirements. In most cases, the best type of loan will usually depend on the size and duration.  You take out a payday loan for a short duration until the next employer pay date.  Direct lender installment loans are simple and direct. But better suited to being paid over a longer duration.  This means you can borrow slightly more but it’s going to be difficult to get approval.  Another issue to consider is whether you’ll be approved for a direct lender installment loan. Unlike payday loans and other low-dollar loans, an installment lender will require a decent credit score. We touched on this issue a few months ago. You can view the blog article here: Can I get an installment loan with bad credit?

Any borrower must be prepared to pay the full amount off in multiple installments.  They’re going to need to make sure there’s enough available cash flow as it’s required. Try to arrange for your loan to come out in three installments, right after payday.   This would be like having three back-to-back direct payday loans!  As always, make sure to compare direct lender installment loans to get the very best rates online before making your choice.

Most people struggle with financial difficulties at one point or another. Many decide that getting a loan can make their financial problems go away. While this is true and a loan can pay off an existing debt, you are then left with a new debt that the loan has incurred. This isn’t always a bad thing either because sometimes people need to take out a loan to pay something off fast. They can then pay back the loan at a much slower and affordable rate while their initial problem has now disappeared. A common way that people do this is by using direct installment loans.


What is A Direct Installment Loans & Why Do I Need One?


Direct installment loans are a loan that is paid back over a set amount of time with a specific number of scheduled payments. They are borrowed from the lender, hence the name, and that is who you will have to repay through an intermediary. A mortgage, is a type of installment loan and one of the most common ones used. They are favored among borrowers and financial experts. The interest rates can often be much lower due to the long amount of time to repay it. Installment loans can also be short-term too, though, and these will attract a higher rate of interest from the lender. Check out the Us Government Site About Personal Loans. if you’re still having trouble understanding what an installment loan is. They do a great job of breaking down each loan option and how it can affect you in the long run.


Why Should I Choose A Licensed Installment Loan Lender?

If you decide to go down the path of getting direct installment loans then you could enjoy the benefits of paying back your loan if it is long-term. You should, however, know that these types of direct lender installment loans are a very important financial decision and it’s critical to find a licensed installment lender. For the most part, they should not be taken lightly. With a long-term installment loan, you can make regular payments weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Payment pay back terms depend on your circumstances. These repayments will reduce your loan balance and cover interest costs too. This is ideal if you can’t afford to pay back the loan. Pay at a faster rate and it can still leave you with money left over for yourself. Now you will have cash left for other expenses without breaking the bank too much.

If your direct installment loan is short-term you can afford to pay back the loan at a faster rate. But with a lower frequency than other types of loans that offer cash fast. This is a good option for people who get paid weekly or bi-weekly. As you can only afford to repay small portions of wages at a time. Someone in this situation could make repayments every week. This includes payday loan and cash advance services. It can take a long time to pay off their loan in full that way.


Choosing An Installment Loan Lender Is An Import Decision

Every financial decision you make in your life is important. Dealing with direct installment loans are no different. Failure to repay your loans can affect your credit rating and make it a lot more difficult for you to borrow money in future. hunt for direct installment lenders Don’t think because it’s repaid in installments and rollovers are possible that you can let a repayment go here or there. Same applies with a payday loan from a direct loan company. Most direct lenders will assess a late fee and higher interest when you fall behind on monthly payments. Consider the future payments when you take out a loan with a lender. You are entering into a binding contract with a legal company. You have the obligation to repay them according to the terms of the deal. This is a very serious matter and an important financial decision.

We are not trying to scare you off taking out these types of loans. In fact, they can be a great option for people. Some can only afford to repay a loan via installments rather than a lump sum or in full. We want you to be educated and informed about this topic so that you can make the right decision if you do decide to take out this type of loan. Don’t enter into an agreement to owe money if you can’t afford the repayments and interest rates, simple as that. Granted, you may be in dire straits and have no other option. Sometimes you have to take out a loan and bear the full expenses associated with it. But if you can help it, only get a loan if the repayments are manageable for you.


Why You Need To Find a Reputable Direct Installment Lender

Reputable payday loan companies are what give people peace of mind when they are doing business. Not many people are inclined to do business with a company that isn’t very well known, and they often do only because they offer cheap rates. Reputable companies are just that; reputable. And because of this, they have that reputation to uphold that they worked so hard to build. Their reputation brings them in new business and helps them to retain business. The last thing they want to do is tarnish their reputation which a few poor decisions and actions because their business could implode as a result.

Always perform your due diligence when doing business, especially when it involves finances such as taking out loans. Sure, the money will fix your immediate problem, but you could be stuck with a new problem which is paying back a loan for years to come. Do you research and get in touch with multiple lenders who specialize in direct installment loans. Reputable and specialized lenders are often the safest choice to go with and you may even find yourself being very well looked after.


How Can I Find A Reputable Installment Loan Company?


With the Internet, performing research on a company is now easier than ever. You can always turn to our comparison of installment loan companies. With this resource you can narrow down your desired lenders to a very small list. There are other very large websites which specialize in company reviews. We can think of many reputable ones to look into. You can read real reviews from real consumers who have had the pleasure, or displeasure, of dealing with a certain company. These reviews can be your insight into how a company behaves and operates. Most comparisons can help you make an informed decision in regards to you doing business with them. You can also read through years’ worth of reviews to see if there are any patterns in behavior. This happens a lot with payday loan companies and cash advance lenders. Examples include dodgy business practices or poor customer service. Other than word of mouth, this is the best way to find a reputable lender who deals with direct installment loans.